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Mirus Works

Co-designed with aged care providers.
Workforce management that provides real-time reporting and funding visibility. Learn more

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Mirus Metrics

Unlock the power of data in real-time for revenue management reporting, insights + actions. Learn more

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Mirus Academy

Real-world experience is paramount. Professional development + personal growth is important too. Learn more

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info Data compliance at Mirus

At Mirus Australia, data runs through our DNA. We unlock the power of data in real-time for revenue, marketing and admissions and workforce management reporting, insights and actions via Mirus Works!, Metrics and Mirus Admissions Companion.

But not all data should be unlocked.

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ACFI Calculator

Our ACFI Calculator is also available as a FREE download the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Mirus Admission Companion

Capture, view and optimise your organisation’s admission process. Learn more

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